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Does the House Keep Any of Your Service Charge? Find Out if You are Owed Back Pay.

Washington Service Charge Back Pay Claims

Does your employer charge an "automatic service charge" to customers (instead of tips), but keep all or part of the employee money for themselves or to pay your wages?
If so, and depending on what disclosures have been made on receipts and menus, you may be entitled to back pay up to twice the amount owed, plus interest, under recent Washington laws. Under Washington law, restaurant and hospitality employers must pay front of the house workers their portion of the service charge directly (not as wages or benefits). Failure to do so is wage theft.
Already several cases have been brought and settled in Washington State for service charge back pay claims, and thousands of Washington restaurant and hospitality workers have received back pay owed.
Claims go back up to 3 years from the date of filing. Fill out the contact form for a free and confidential consultation and pay stub review with an experienced Washington wage and hour lawyer to see if you may be owed money and if we can help. 

We've recovered millions of dollars on behalf of thosands of Washington employees.

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